Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delicious Seeking Authors

Well we have been hoping that blogspot would have come up with an open blogging forum that would allow anyone to post without having to sign up for an account or be invited by the administrator, but no such luck. On top of that we have been pretty lazy about keeping this thing updated, but we still think having a trustworthy blog to inform us locals about the great food of SLC is a good idea. So we want to open the blog to as many authors as possible (100 is the limit).

Here's the deal:

1. Send an email to and let us know you are interested in being a restaurant critic & we'll add you as an author.

2. Post to your hearts content about great food or restaurants you have experienced in the Salt Lake Valley or surrounding areas.

3. Only one rule. Reviews must be about locally owned restaurants. No national chains. Ya, we know you like the Miso Salmon at the Cheescake Factory, but we don't care. That doesn't mean we don't want to hear about Utah chains like The Pub Group or Gastronomy.

We anxiously await your foodie discoveries.

Acme Burger Company

So we finally tried the Acme Burger Company located at 275 South 200 West in Salt Lake City. This hip urban joint is located adjacent to P.F. Chang's in the middle of the city. I think they have been open about a year or so. We went on a Friday night around 7:00 and were seated immediately, although we have heard from friends that in the past they have waited up to an hour for a table.

My first impression was a little surprised at how "upscale" the place looked and felt for a "burger joint." Dark leather(ish) upholstery on painted cement floors with modern lighting, and flatscreen t.v.'s felt seemed a little more like a swanky bar than a casual restaurant. Overall the effect was very nice.

We were greeted with a warm welcome from the host (possibly the owner) who was very kind to help with a minor parking snafu, and then show us to our seats. We had a great waitress who was very pleasant and was careful not to wear out her welcome.

I ordered the Classic Burger medium-rare and customized it with Thick-cut Bacon and Blue Cheese. My wife ordered the Mini Burger with Tomato Soup and we shared and order of Thick Cut Fries and an order of Shoe String Fries. We both enjoyed our burgers, and my wife said her tomato soup was tasty. My medium-rare was perfect and my wife's well done was well done (no pink.) Both orders of fries were good, but we preferred the Shoe Strings over the Thick Cut. We skipped dessert, but we were both very full and satisfied by the time we left.

Then came the check. I was mildly surprised that with a decent tip we got out the door for under $25.00 bucks. Neither of us ordered drinks, but in my opinion it was a good value for such quality food in a nice looking and feeling place with great service. We'll go again for sure.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So for the last couple of years I have been hearing great things about Tiburon in Sandy. On Friday evening we decided to give it a try, and good grief was it FANTASTIC.

I have been to Tiburon's sister restaurant EPIC on a couple of occasions and enjoyed it quite a lot, so I thought I had some idea of what to expect at Tiburon. Upon arriving we had to wait for 30 minutes after our reservation time before getting to our table. We were obviously scheduled for the second seating of the evening, so knowing the restaurant doesn't have control over how long seated guests decide to stay, I didn't mind waiting. However, the staff seemed quite concerned about it, and offered us two complimentary appetizers for our inconvenience. I thought this was quite a grand gesture seeing that the appetizers start at $10.00.

From that point on - everything I put in my mouth was a wonderful experience.

We started with Steamed Mussels with a mild tomato sauce, Baked Camembert Cheese & a thinly sliced green apple with some sort of savory reduction, and the lobster crab cakes. All of these appetizers were something I would recommend to future guests.

Then we were served one of my favorite salads of all time - I think it is essentially the "Ken's Salad" that they serve at Epic. Anyway - it has some greens with a light vinaigrette, fontina cheese, candied walnuts, and a roasted tomato. It's not particularly complicated, but man oh man is it tasty. I could eat one every day.

Following the salad we were served house made sorbet as a palette cleanser. Two scrumptious scoops of lemon and raspberry.

Then came the entree. I debated yet again whether to go with the steak (which is guaranteed to be delicious and make you feel like you are getting your money's worth at a spendy joint) or be more adventurous and try one of their more unique offering like lamb or foie gras. With the help of the waiter and a friend of ours who had tried it before, I ordered the New Zealand Elk. Mind blown. I am a meat guy, and this piece of meat was prepared medium rare, and fit for a King. Literally. It was as tender a piece of meat as I have ever experienced. It came in a flavorful sauce along side garlic mashed potatoes and some very good spaghetti squash. The presentation was its own treat with my plate garnished in a colorful starburst of yellow and orange. I would say this was definitely one of the best meals I have ever had - really. This was good.

As a side note - one of the friends we were dining with ordered the lamb - something else I would not usually order - she gave me a bite and it was also extraordinary. In fact, I don't think I have ever tried lamb that I have enjoyed, but this was worth going back for. Twice.

For dessert we tried the dark chocolate amaretto mouse. A great end to the meal, especially with the fresh fruit it came with.

But nothing, not the dessert or the appetizers, surpassed the excellence of my entree. Which is how it should be, really. How often do you go into a restaurant and your favorite thing ends up being the appetizers or the dessert? For me its all too often.

As I look back on this post it sounds as though Tiburon is full of exotic and unusual foods like elk, lamb, mussels, etc. that only a food snob would enjoy. But the great thing about our experience was that all of these foods were prepared so that ANYONE would love them. I am not a believer in needing to 'develop your palette.' In my mind, food is either delicious or it isn't. This was delicious no matter who you are.

Well done.

Monday, January 21, 2008


For a holiday treat in December we ate at Bambara, located in the Hotel Monaco in downtown SLC. This was our third visit to Bambara - and every time has been really very good. I started with a carpaccio beef (raw beef sliced paper thin) salad. It was my first time having carpaccio and I thought it was a delicate and flavorful way to start a meal with seafood for the main course.

For my entree I went with one of the specials that evening - a seared scallop creation with a buerr blanc sauce. These were great - although I think scallops can only get so good no matter what you do to them. Though filling and very tasty, they didn't seem quite as satisfying as my wife's selection of a pan-seared filet mingon with AMAZING blue cheese potatoes. The sauce that came with her steak was especially delicious. (It seems like its almost always about the sauce for me.)

For dessert I had the creme brulee which has been delicious everywhere I have ever ordered it including Bambara.

Overall we had a great experience. Bambara is in my top three restaurants in Utah right now.

New blog about Restaurants and Good Food in Utah

I have had some great meals around the Salt Lake Valley lately and I want to remember them - I also have a hard time finding web-sites with legitimate restaurant reviews or dining suggestions - so I am starting my own. Feel free to share your thoughts about restaurants & good food around town.